Monday, October 15, 2012

Snarky Geeks Episode 2

Snarky Geeks Episode 2 - Better late than never!! 

Hosts Franky DeJesus and John Turiano 
The boys talk about NYCC(Pre-show), TNA Wrestling, in the interest of fairness we give a few negatives about Android OS, AJ Lee, Franky nerdgasms over Grant Morrison's JLA, Batman vs Captain America(Master Debate!), Wrestling's Best / Worst Finishers, Rocky Balboa/Wade Barrett and, The Sorry List. You really have to listen to the whole show. 


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Special thanks to Derek Coward

1 comment:

  1. RE: android names if i had to take a wild guess at the first 2 names, i would say Apple and Blackberry.... one of the ceo's of android before being bought by google did work for apple and blackberry i herd :)...

    this line is being traced gotta go now...