Friday, January 24, 2014

Snarky Geeks Episode 70

Snarky Geeks Episode 70 - Snarky Geeks.NOW = 1!  

Hosts Franky DeJesus And John Turiano  

A couple of Snarks gather to discuss Man of Steel 2 new release date and possible changes that may occur from it, Donal Logue's role in the Gotham TV series, Ulitmates Warrior's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Koko B Ware, GLOW, Mae Young RIP, the annoucement of the WWE Network, The Snarky Geeks as tag Champs, John fixes TNA wrestling, comics, Dead Body Road from Image, DMZ from DC/Vertigo, the effects of the number 1 on comics, and much more..  And the Sorry-List! ... you really have to listen to the whole Show! 

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Special thanks to Derek Coward

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