Friday, August 22, 2014

Snarky Geeks Episode 99.5

Snarky Geeks Episode 99.5 - ...Suplex Repeat, Suplex Repeat!

Hosts Franky DeJesus,  and John Turiano 

Lady and gentleman, We are the Snarky Geeks! We take a pitstop on the road to 100 And we are privileged to serve as advocates for Summerslam, listen as we watch Paul Heyman's client Brock Lesner battle John Cena and review the rest of the card, Listen to Franky review J.Gonzo's La Mano Del Destino, and Much more, Listen, Repeat, Listen, Repeat, Listen, Repeat, Snarkonomics!   ... you really have to listen to the whole Show!  


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